Create & rise together

We now live in the digital age where the digital transformation of a company is no longer just a trend but rather an indispensable stage in the development of any business. The ways of wealth creation have changed dramatically. Unlike the bygone days of managing the working hands of a business, now it is all about managing the « working brains ». The amalgamation of experiences, competence and knowledge is an essential resource for development and competitiveness. It is now becoming increasingly vital and strategic to come up with new tools and conditions to enable collaborators to create, innovate and work differently and more collectively.

Ushering in an era of digital transformation of major industries, Immersion has, over a span of twenty years, established itself as the leading player in the realm of virtual and augmented reality used for facilitating collaborations of professionals, industrialists and for research. This globally recognised position is the product of large investments made for the research and development of new tools and solutions to facilitate and democratise the access to and use of the most complex current and future technologies.

Being a product of Immersion's research and development activities and having benefitted from all its expertise, the design of Shariiing caters to the perennial need to interconnect the entire digital ecosystem of the company by integrating all the technologies in use. However, the superiority of its model lies in its novel approach that gives top priority to the needs of the collaborators, who are at the heart of the digital transformation, instead of the digital tools. This creates a set of powerful solutions that can respond to the present and future requirements of competitiveness and productivity of all managers. Offering a transparent technology to the user by providing simple, appealing and intuitive solutions; unleashing the potential of the collaborators, discovering talents and ideas; expanding the scope of collaboration beyond the boundaries of the company; generating more agility and wealth... Shariiing is the only comprehensive software solution today that can meet all these challenges.

In addition to these crucial components, Shariiing proves to be a key ally in the conquest of new markets. Irrespective of your line of business, introducing your collaborators, partners and clients to the Shariiing experience inevitably ensures a « return on emotion », an essential element for adhesion and decision-making. These crucial qualities of communication and enhancing expertise make Shariiing the best corporate resource for gaining or retaining the position of market leader and innovator and ascending to the highest possible level.