Connect to Shariiing and start collaborating


Install the Shariiing Client


Connect to a Shariiing screen

on the same network


Share and collaborate

The Shariiing Client app connects your personal devices to the Shariiing collaborative screens.


Share without constraints

Easy and free to download, the Shariiing Client involves all the stakeholders in your meetings. Join with your tools, your computer and your softwares: Shariiing Client allows you to share the screen of your computer with your collaborators without altering your contents and your ideas.

Save your sessions
at any time

All participants can take a screenshot of the current session from their devices to save the different stages of the meeting and their outcome. You will now be able to save all the relevant information.

with ease

Contribute to meetings by sending notes from your personal computer. You become proactive during meetings and are no longer idle. The power is in your hands to contribute, structure your discussions and make a difference. The app functions with both Shariiing Advanced and Shariiing Access.

Secure sharing
and broadcasting

The link to the meeting is protected by a password only known by those who are part of your meeting. Only the people involved in the meeting locally and/or remotely have access to your screen and can interact with it. It is also possible to prevent these external interactions through a simple functionality. Keep absolute control over your content and the access to it.