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January 15, 2020

Shariiing Advanced 20.01.5

Bug fix: shared screen

Improved the visual quality of the screen sharing feature of Shariiing Client app, for some screen resolutions.

Keyboard compatibility

Improved the compatibility of Shariiing virtual keyboard for web content.

November 25, 2019

Shariiing Advanced 19.11.6

Corrective update

Stability patches for the "reset workspace" function and improvement of the note editor on the Shariiing Client app.

October 15, 2019

Shariiing Advanced 19.10.2

Accelerated web browsing

The performance of web pages in Shariiing Advanced has been significantly improved to provide a smoother browsing.

Easier manipulation of windows

Added a resistance animation when resizing a window at their maximum or minimum size.

August 22, 2019

Shariiing Advanced 19.08.18

Control Shariiing with a mouse

Shariiing can now be used with a single mouse! Every possible touch actions can be performed with a mouse. Use of a touch screen is still recommended but not mandatory anymore.

New virtual touchpad

The remote control of shared computer screens on Shariiing Advanced is now more complete. In addition to the touch control, the new touchpad completely emulates a mouse and its buttons.

June 21, 2019

Shariiing Advanced 19.06.25

Switch to full screen remotely

It is now possible to switch your shared screen in fullscreen directly from the Shariiing Client application.

Remote collaboration color

At a conference, the various locations participating now each are identified by a different color (both in pointing and annotation modes).

Enhanced touch support for Web content

The touch capability of the integrated web browser has been strenghtened.

Proxy support

The compatibility of Shariiing Advanced and Shariiing Client with proxys has been strengthened.

May 23, 2019

Shariiing Advanced 19.05.32

PDF annotations export

When exporting, the annotations added to a PDF document are now also exported within the PDF file and therefore available outside Shariiing Advanced.

Reading PDF from the web

If a website redirects you to a pdf file, it is now directly integrated into the browser.

Multi-ratios PDF

PDF files featuring pages with different ratios are now fully supported.

Horizontal screens support

A new option in the Shariiing Advanced Configuration tool enables better support for tables and horizontal screens (interface adaptation).

Accelerated USB import

When connecting a USB key to Shariiing Advanced, a notification enables you to directly look for the key in the gallery.

Simplified multiple Import

When selecting multiple files to be imported, a shortcut is now available to select all the files in the folder with a single click.

Sharing in the conference

Consequences of closing content in the conference have be made more fluid, no need anymore to reopen then from the gallery.

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