Your company’s new digital eco-system

Make your meetings more efficient, more lively...
Boost your company's potential!

Create, innovate, test, make better decisions...
Take your company to the next level!

Look ahead to the futur...
Redefine the boundaries of coworking!

Gain from more interactivity

Make smoother presentations, share in a single click, directly annotate on the main screen, enhance your content and remote control the devices displayed on the main screen.

Make your meetings dynamic and efficient

Simultaneously display up to 4 windows on the main screen, giving you an overview of the projects and helping you compare more hypotheses and points of view. Your discussions become more productive and the decision-making process more efficient.

Make the most of a secure collaborative space

Shariiing Access protects the confidentiality of your meetings. The connection of personal devices to the main screen is protected by a PIN code and no document can be transmitted. It also integrates within your computer networks in a transparent manner, whether you operate single networks, isolated networks or more complex networks.


Wireless connection to an unlimited number of personal devices (Windows and Mac OS)


Connection of personal devices through a PIN code


Designed for all display solutions with touch screens and non-touch screens


Simultaneously display up to 4 devices on the main screen


Annotate your content on the main screen


Download screenshots of the main screen

"Plug & Play"

Plug in your Shariiing Access Box to the meeting room’s screen and benefit from a wireless connection for all of your collaborators’ personal devices.

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One collaborator, one point of view

Give each collaborator the opportunity to contribute to more hypotheses, cases and ideas by simultaneously displaying an unlimited number of windows on the main screen.

Richer contents

Texts, tables, graphs, pdfs, images, videos, 3D files, etc. Shariiing Advanced allows you to express your ideas unhindered making your contributions richer and your presentations more conclusive.

Make the most of an unlimited collaborative space

You can enjoy a wireless connection to an unlimited number of users, while protecting the confidentiality of your meetings. All the displayed content can be arranged freely and intuitively.


Connect an unlimited number of users through a wireless connection while protecting the confidentiality of your meetings. All the displayed content can be arranged freely and intuitively.


Secure access to data from your personal devices


Create your own work sessions


Arrange your content intuitively and freely or arrange it automatically


Send multimedia content and post-its directly from your personal devices


Snap all the ideas and automatically save your meeting’s data

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With its appealing design the Meetiiim table, equipped with Shariiing Advanced, is engineered for collaboration and allows each connected collaborator to send their files and ideas directly from their personal device.

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Tailor the solution to your needs

The unique design of Shariiing Infinity grants amazing adaptation abilities including the most sophisticated mediums: there are no limitations regarding the amount, shape and size of screens involved.

Shariiing Infinity is based on an in-depth analysis of your needs and is now emerging as the best solution to deploy your most complex applications to the greatest number of collaborators, partners and customers.

Connect your entire company without limit

Based on an innovative multi-connection structure specially designed to meet and exceed present as well as future company constraints, Shariiing Infinity is the optimum of solutions for your most ambitious digital projects.

Integrate your Shariiing equipment in your company without worrying about the amount of connected systems. Make them communicate and share information without any limit!

Broaden the boundaries of your company through real-time multi-site collaboration

Product design has become a core competitivity factor for businesses. The process’ organization has to be well performing in order to reduce costs, time to market and increase product quality.

In this context requiring both collaboration and dissemination, the opportunity generated by Shariiing Infinity to synchronize data and real-time interactions between all your business locations, appears to be a decisive resource to satisfy efficiently the needs generated by these new organizational methods.